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‘Āsim, an attorney, filed the first lawsuit against Field Marshal Muhammad Husayn Tantāwī, former Minister of Defense, accusing him of killing protesters in the incidents at Maspero, Muhammad Mahmūd, the Cabinet building, and the massacres in Port Said and al-‘Abbāsīyah.
Dr. Tāriq ‘Abbās writes about Makram ‘Ubayd as an example of patriotism.
The authors shed light on the recurrence of sectarian incidents caused by relations between Muslims and Christians.
Tariq ‘Abbās pessimistically discusses the loss of Egyptian antiquities. ‘Abbās adds that there have been 16,600 robberies of Egyptian antiquities in the ten year period of 1993 to 2003. He called for holding the Higher Council of Antiquities accountable for the honest scientific registration of...
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