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Confirmations, denials, that the pope’s secretary Bishop Yu’annis will be investigated for the alleged circulation of a rumor about the pope dying.
This article advocates dialogue among religions and denounces bigotry and violence in society. It also encourages youth to express themselves freely and think without any restrictions or fear.
Pope Shenouda honors first rank students and delivers his weekly spiritual sermon about the lust of the flesh.
Dr. Fathī Surūr has been the target of harsh attacks by many Coptic figures due to his statement that Copts are far removed from political life by their own will because they prefer business
Human rights head says Minia officials negligent in addressing fitnahs.
A meeting between Pope Shenouda and Egypt’s minister of manpower and emigration on the sidelines of the annual conference for Egyptians abroad.
In his weekly sermon Pope Shenouda III tackled different social issues and declared that the Bible prohibited alcoholic drinks that lead to losing one’s reason.
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