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 Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights releases a new report:  Two Years of Sectarian Violence: What happened? Where do we begin? An Analytical Study of Jan 2008 -Jan 2010
On religious satellite channels in Egypt.
 Controversy as Muhammad aal-Barādi‘ī attends the Easter Mass at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in cAbbasīyah.
 AWR publishes new multimedia content, and the demise of IslamOnline.
 Ahmad al-Tayyib succeeds Sayyid Tantāwī as Grand Imām of al-Azhar.
 This week, two of our articles taken from pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat focus on an issue in which CAWU has been heavily involved over recent years: Dutch politician Geert Wilders and his infamous film from 2008 ‘Fitna’.
 The study of the ways culture and religion impact one another is a topic of great interest not only to me on a personal level, but also to CIDT as an organization devoted to the promotion of intercultural dialogue. A highlight of this issue of Arab-West Report is the brace of articles written by...
As we bring you the final issue of 2009, now is perhaps an appropriate time to pause for reflection both on the year just passed, and on the new year ahead.2009 was a year full of incidents and occasions of great importance and interest to those of us with either a professional or a personal...
Intercultural dialogue should be available through many different media, and we should always look to innovate to encourage dialogue.
 In addition to the continued, and excellent, series of interviews on the causes and solutions of sectarian fitnah, this issue of Arab-West Report   offers a pair of articles on one of the most interesting battles currently taking place in Egypt's public sphere: whether women judges should be...


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