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Ten years. I have not been to one of my favorite places in the world in ten years. Yet Siwa Oasis, the little jewel of Egypt’s Western Desert, still looms big and fresh in my memory.
A Brazilian Christian missionary distributed an e-mail with a story about the miraculous resurrection of a buried child that earlier had been discredited in an Egyptian publication. Nik Grossfield asks for care. As the Preacher says in Proverbs 15, “The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly,...
Transcript of the questions and answers following the discussion on ’Freedom of expression and respect for the other. How to respond if one is offended’ at El-Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo on April 15, 2006.
AWR’s American intern writes about 220 years of religious freedom in the U.S., arguing that one standard must be applied to all.
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