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On Tuesday, 28 August, the House of Egyptian Architecture at Darb al-Labbāna in Central Cairo organizes a lecture dubbed ‘An Overview of the Ideology and Philosophy of Church Architecture in the Coptic Era’.
The minister of culture in Egypt, Ḥilmī al-Namnam, attended the opening of the second book exhibition at St. Mark’s Cathedral in ʿAbbāssiyya, Cairo. Dr. Haytham al-Ḥājj ʿAlī, along with the General Bishop Armiyyā, were also present on the opening day. 
Heliopolis Library of the Heliopolis Cultural Association, presided by Farūq al-Jawhari, organized a trip to The Multi-Religion Compound in Old Cairo (Misr al-Qadīma) where the three monotheistic religions embrace in a message of religious tolerance.
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