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UNHCR has stated that the Christian militias in CAR are attacking  innocent people who are trying to escape from the sectarian violence in the country and are forcing them to take dangerous border routes 
A spokesman on the behalf of Jamā’ah Nusrah Al- Islām, one of the largest Islamic groups in Nigeria, stated that the Nigerian army is targeting innocent Muslims under the pretext of combating Islam and kills them without court trials.
A number of religious clerics stated their concern about banning the hijāb (hair veil) in a number of states in Germany for teachers. They stated that the decision is a matter of intimidating Muslim teachers so they refrain from teaching. Asnaf Basjak from Osnabrueck University in Germany [position...
An Egyptian association, Ummah Wāhidah, is leading a relief campaign for Muslims of the Central African Republic who suffer from targeted killings and genocide.  The campaign involves relief convoys to the refugee camps in the border areas with Chad and Cameron (Amr Hassan, al- Fath, March 28,  p....
Dr. Yūnis Makhyūn, head of Nūr Party, describes what happens in the Central African Republic as ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Christians, with the atrocities happening being worse than one could imagine. Because of the violence, many Muslims fled to neighboring communities. Makhyūn stated through...
Fuād Bin Khalīf, head of the Belgium Muslim Rights Council, stated that a veiled woman was stopped from entering a polling station last Sunday.
Nasr Al-Islām Nigerian group has requested the government to intensify security procedures  and protect the citizens from violence after the explosions in JossCity last week 
The municipality of Queensland, Australia, rejected the legal note drafted by Member of Parliament Nicklin Peter, that called to ban niqāb (face veil). 
The poet Sayed Hījāb, who died at the age of 77, left behind an artistic legacy akin to an inexhaustible river, between songs and collections of poetry and other writings that children have not forgotten, so that his memory will remain engraved in our hearts.
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