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Today, the Coptic museum organised an exhibition titled ‘the Holy Journey’ to commemorate the anniversary of the Holy Family’s arrival to Egypt.
During the Fourth Forum of the Archaeological Missions in Egypt, the Minister of Antiquities Khālid al-‘Anānī revealed that there is an unprecedented number of archaeological missions working in Egypt due to the restoration of safety and security to the whole country.   
In a ceremony organized on Tuesday by both Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities and the Minting Department of the Ministry of Finance, the new medal commemorating the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt was celebrated.
The Museum of Islamic Art in Bāb al-Khalq, Cairo, organizes an exhibition of photographs captured by Islām Yiḥiya Salīm on Saturday, with the theme “Ahl al-Bayt” [People of the House] in Egypt to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muḥammad.
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