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Ane Skov Birk, a student at Copenhagen University, Denmark, stayed with CIDT from 24 January 2007 “ 11 August 2007. She has done excellent work, much of which has been reflected in texts she has written in AWR. She presents an overview of her experiences working with CIDT, and the knowledge she has...
Important news for all readers about the new website www.cawu.org through which you will soon need to access your weekly issue of the Arab-West Report.
Hulsman responds to questions about the role of Egyptian security in our struggle to obtain NGO status.
A legal document detailing the struggles and procedures that the Center for Arab-West Understanding went through in gaining NGO status.
The founders of the Center for Arab-West Understanding are extremely glad with the February 18 ruling of the Egyptian Council of State that our center should be recognized as an NGO under Egyptian law. This ruling concludes a period of three years of struggle to obtain this status. CAWU is...
Coptic writer Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá about his views on reform in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Egyptian youth turning to religious associations and the phenomenon of converting people. Description of a visit to the Holy Family celebration in Dayr Abū Hinnis, organized by CIDT and FPA. Support and...
Some critique on Metropolitan Bīshūy goes much too far. Growing interest in AWR work and presenting the Electronic Documentation Center. Practices to escape the rule of law in Egypt
Delay in AWR work due to being short in staff and technical problems.
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman presented this text at the recent roundtable discussions of the European Institute of the Mediterranean, which were held on “Journalism and freedom of expression in the Mediterranean; responsibilities and limits.”
AWR is making good progress in building the Electronic Documentation Center. Growing interest and attention for AWR work.


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