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Soraya Hoppe writes about her experiences working as an intern at the Center for Arab-West Understanding.
AWR has an impressive amount of knowledge in the fields of political, religious and cultural relations in Egypt, while not being a party in this field of different players. In this way [AWR] is an independent and trustworthy source of information, in and outside Egypt. AWR reports also make a...
AWR is a reliable and very important source of information concerning ongoing discourses in Arab societies.
Arab West Report is a unique compendium of current news concerning religion and related issues from original Middle East media sources. It provides valuable alternative information and a perspective that is not available in the mainstream press in the U.S., and provides a much better, more nuanced...
In a time in which inter-religious and inter-cultural differences sharpen, it is of the outmost importance to have information that counters polarization, pictures of the other as “the enemy” and cliches, and that provides a diversity of information that helps to bring the discussion back to the...
A letter of recommendation from Dr. Hassan Muhammad Wagīh, expert of Linguistics of Negotiation and Cross-Cultural Communication, Faculty of Languages, Azhar University, and writer at al-Ahrām newspaper, Cairo.
A letter of recommendation from Dr. Paul Bendor-Samuel, international director of Interserve International
Comments and discussions on conversions. Attention and appreciation for AWR work.
A letter recommending the work of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation, Arab-West Understanding and Arab-West Report from Youhannā Qulta, Coptic Catholic Deputy Patriarch.
Ahmad Usāma, Chairman of al-Karma Center for Human Development recommends AWR.


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