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Expressing great admiration for the work of AWR.
Arab West Report (AWR) makes a solid contribution to deeper understanding of inter-confessional dynamics in Egypt and elsewhere by seeking to give context to day-to-day discourses and events that often appear senseless or even capricious to the uninformed observer.
Remark on articles in this issue about the incident around the Patmos Convent.
The RNSAW helps us to understand problems and deal with Muslim-Christian issues in a proper way. Often reports from media are one sided and the work of RNSAW helps overcome this by their investigation of both sides.
Dr. Rodolph Yanney, president of the Society of Coptic Church Studies and founder and editor of Coptic Church Review in 1980, gave the RNSAW permission to bring his articles in the Copts Digest and the Coptic Daily Digest, published in 1999, together in one report describing the factors leading to...
In response to reports from Israel that Palestinian Christians are fleeing the areas under control by the Palestinian Authority, presumably out of fear for Muslims, Drs. Hulsman found that it may be good to tell the story of Father Philloumenos from the Greek Orthodox church about Jacob’s well.
The whole project looks absolutely fascinating, and extremely worthwhile, so I will certainly refer to it in my article on "Recent Developments in Christian-Muslim Relations in the Arab World."
"Personally, I see that this news service is a very important means of communication and information conveying the reality of Egypt to non-Egyptians, either those living in Egypt or, even more importantly, those outside, especially in the Western world...
The RNSAW received from the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity in London, England, in formation about a new guide on the persecution of religious minorities around the world."


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