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Father Dr. Christiaan van Nispen s.j., one of the members of our board of advisors, spoke with Atef Helmy, the author of the article "Fatawi Battles between Christian Denominations" in Rose El-Yousef, February 22-28, 1999 which has been strongly criticized by several Orthodox priests.
The article deals with what went wrong in reporting about the issue of el-Koshh. Many Egyptians, and definitely the Egyptian authorities, would like nothing more then to forget the issue of el-Koshh but will it be forgotten?
The South Cairo Court will give its verdict in the lawsuit brought by 100 Copts against the Sunday Telegraph and Christina Lamb, a reporter for the same paper.
Drs. Kees Hulsman, a correspondent for Dutch and American publications and the member of the board of the FPA, has been strongly attacked in a press release sent worldwide by Coptic Associations in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany and France.
Hulsman writes the press release contains false information and alleges an incorrect and absurd relationship to the Egyptian government and demands a rectification.


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