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The sycamore tree, which is believed to have given shade to the Holy Family during their journey into Egypt, has become a renowned landmark and a tourist site.
Most exhibitions on Egyptian art abroad concerned ancient Egypt. In some exhibitions, however, also attention was given to religious art. In France and exhibition on "The Fatimid Treasures in Cairo", and focused a period which saw the coexistence of Coptic and Islamic art. In Austria some items of...
The Monastery of St. Catherine is considered one of the most famous monasteries in the world, situated in Sinai where God talked to Moses. At this famous monastery is a patriotic man in both body and soul who prevented the Israeli flag from being flown on top of the monastery instead of the...
The restored church of Saint Abscaron in Samalut is related to an old miracle story.
A Coptic civilization museum was recently opened in Germany.
The exhibition ’treasures of Coptic was opened by Egypt’s Ambassador in Paris, Ali Maher.
An announcement of the opening of a Coptic exhibition in France.
The location in which Jesus Christ was baptized is discovered in Jordan.
The paper describes the opening of an art-exhibition of the Coptic artist Adel Benjamin who wanted to stress the unity between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
Pope Shenouda opened in Austria an exhibit on Coptic art.


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