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With the aim of enhancing awareness of the history and culture of Egypt, a seminar with the theme “The Churches Of Egypt”, was approved by Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Mustafa Amīn.
Father Rafīq Greish, head of the Information Office of the Egyptian Catholic Church, said that Egypt's religious tourism potential is great, in particular sites connected to the journey of the Holy Family, a project that is still sitting on the shelf.
Assiūt is characterized by its many tourist and religious attraction, especially ones related to Christianity, because it represents a civilization, culture, and historical legacy of the Copts worldwide.
Father Felixinōs, a monk of Deir al-Muharraq in Assiūt, confirmed that the old Virgin Mary Church of the Monastery was the place where the Holy Family lived, pointing out that it is the oldest church worldwide.
The book "Early Christian Architecture", published by the Center of Coptic Studies at the Bibliotheca Alexandria (BA), won the Fayūm University Incentive Award of Scientific Writing in 2015.
Dr. Shurūq ʿAshūr, professor of Islamic and Christian monuments at the Future University stressed in a recent study that Egypt is home to 156 ancient churches. She said that these archaeological churches are considered to be an architectural museum.   
Nearly two thousand years ago, a woman and a man escaped with their child into Egypt for fear of murder. They lived their days in terror and anxiety for fear of being caught by ruthless men, ignoring the threat they faced by predators hounding their modest caravan, and hunger and cold swiping them...
The Egyptian Government has assigned the task of renovating St. Peter’s Church in `Abbassiya in Cairo to the Armed Forces Engineering Authority. The President of the Authority, Kāmel al-Wazīr, announced the planned completion of restoration efforts after 15 days, removing all traces of damage in...
Heliopolis Library of the Heliopolis Cultural Association, presided by Farūq al-Jawhari, organized a trip to The Multi-Religion Compound in Old Cairo (Misr al-Qadīma) where the three monotheistic religions embrace in a message of religious tolerance.
The Coptic Orthodox Church commemorates today the relocation of the relics of two of its saints Abakir and Yūhanna. According to the accounts of the Coptic calendar, the bodies of the two saints who, after receiving the crown of martyrdom, had been laid in the church of St.Mark the Evangelist,...


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