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 Dr. Gamal Mustafa [Jamāl Muṣṭafā], head of the Islamic, Coptic, and Jewish antiques of the antiquity department said that the department affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities is in charge of 4 sections: the Jewish, Coptic, Islamic, and modern age sites. 
President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī has allocated 1 billion and 270 million pounds ($ 71 million) to restore the Jewish heritage in Egypt. The Israeli embassy to Egypt praised the decision to restore the Jewish temples of al-Beheira, Cairo and Alexandria. Out of 25 synagogues located in Egypt, only 11...
The compound of religions in Old Cairo is a symbol of the amazing coexistence of the three heavenly religions in Egypt.
Jewish groups in Egypt celebrate the anniversary of Abū Ḥasīrah.
This article discusses how the conditions of Coptic and Jewish monuments are neglected and gives examples of well-known churches and synagogues.
A conference was held in Haifa where 200 Egyptian Jews gathered to claim their properties in Egypt. The author reports about the conference and met with Egyptian figures to investigate the matter.
Dr. Hagagi Ibrahim, the president of the Antiquities Department at the Faculty of Arts, Tanta University, gives a background about the Psalms of David. He comments on magic in Judaism and claims that parts of the psalms were used in magic. He also comments on Jewish antiquities in Egypt.
A German film production company has presented a request to the Supreme Council of Antiquities, seeking permission to film part of a documentary about the history of the Jews, at Jewish monuments in Egypt.
The author argues that religious texts in the Torah and the Bible are corrupted and that they are not the original holy books revealed to Moses and Jesus.
Canceling the celebration of the mulid of Abu Hasera satisfied the inhabitants of Demtawa. They were not ready to see Jews celebrating their feast with alcohol whilst their compatriots are still killing Palestinians. Lawyer Mohammed Abu Ismael is now making enquiries in Morocco in order to certify...


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