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About 20,000 manuscripts are expected to be gathered from the different antiquity mosques and indexed in the central library for Islamic manuscripts at the Ministry of Endowments. The project is expected to be realized within one year.
The priest of the Hanging Church, Morcos Aziz, and the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Farouq Hosni, exchanged accusations on the pages of two newspapers, following a deep disagreement regarding the restoration of the prominent church and the introduction of an entrance fee for the monument.
The authors discuss the preservation of antiquities in Iraq, amidst concern that the appointment of religiously conservative Shī‘ah Muslims in Iraq’s traditionally secular archaeological institutions could threaten the preservation of the country’s pre-Islamic history.
This article discusses how the conditions of Coptic and Jewish monuments are neglected and gives examples of well-known churches and synagogues.
At a press conference, preceding the opening of an exhibition of Tutankhamen monuments in Chicago a few days ago, the secretary- general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Zāhī Hawwās, urged wealthy businessman, John Roe, to return a Pharaonic sarcophagus, which Roe keeps in his office...
The article highlights the second Scientific Meeting of Archaeologists, during which experts focused on excavation and restoration works to save Islamic, Coptic and Jewish antiquities, as well as discussing recent archaeological finds.
Old Cairo is one of the most important places for religious tourism in Egypt, as the Hanging Church, the oldest church in the world and Amr Ibn Al-A’as mosque, the oldest mosque in Egypt are located there. Both the church and the mosque are restored at the expenses of the State. There is no...
In this article, the author deals with the history of the Umayyad caliphate, the power struggle involved and their conflict with their archrivals the ‘Abbāsids.
The author notes that while reactions to the Danish cartoons have gotten out of hand, the main force behind those reactions was not religious, but politically-motivated groups. He calls on Muslimsnot to blame all Westerners for the cartoons, and for Westerners in kind to not blame all Muslims for...
After the time of the four caliphs who succeeded the Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic state became a kingdom, in the sense that power was passed from father to sons. This inherited rule was initiated by Mu‘āwīya Ibn Abī Sufyān, the founder of the Umayyad dynasty.


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