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An agreement was signed to construct the Prophet Sheib mosque and tomb in Wadi Shueib in Salt.
A review of the book: "The Marriage Bed. Sexuality in Islam" by Abdelwahab Bouhdiba. Published in London by Saqi Books, 1998. In this book is one of the few attempts at dealing with the dimension of sexuality in the teachings of Islam and the way in which these teachings have become distorted by...
An Egyptian-Japanese team unearthed a mosque in South Sinal which dates back to the ninth century A.D. Archeologists believe that the mosque is the oldest one ever built in the Sinai.
The bookshop of Mohamed Ali Sobeih in Al-Azhar Street was up once again for auction last week. The bookshop, which also includes a printing press, was built in 1900 and is renowned for its collection of 5,000 masterpieces of Arab and Islamic culture.
Jordan is ready to relinquish its religious authority over Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem to the Palestinian National Authority, Prime Minister Abur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh has said.
The anti-normalization committee of the 14 Jordanian professional associations expressed concern on Wednesday about complaints of alleged visits by right-wing Jewish groups to the Jadour Mosque in Salt and said it considers it a desecration of the religious site. Ali Abu Sukar, the committee’s...
His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday [August 24, 1999] inaugurated the memorial site of one of Prophet Mohammad’s companions in the central Jordan Valley region in Deir Alaa. The ceremony, attended by senior officials and Muslim clergy from different Arab states, is part of the Kingdom’s endeavor...
El-Sayeda Zeinab Mosque which lures huge members of worshippers from Cairo and other parts of the nation, is experiencing large-scale renovations which are planned to make the building able to accommodate as many as 12,000 persons.
The Abu Serga Church in Old Cairo is plagued with an overflow of unwanted underground water. Fortunately, Abu Serga Church is one of seven Holy Family sites selected for restoration by the newly-formed National Egyptian Heritage Revival Association.
Sheikh Goheiry’s second house in Fatimid Cairo between Muski and Al Muizz street is being threatened according to his descendants and residents of the area.


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