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All Egyptians enjoyed freedom, equality and justice under the rule of the Muslims. The whole Egyptian people, Muslim and Christian, became an inseparable part of the Islamic civilization and culture.
"The fire which gutted al-Musaferkhana can happen everyday in different places" said Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni." Anyone who pushes the blame on the Ministry of Culture need only go to the site." The Minister said.
President Mubarak visited Fatimid Cairo and urged to speed up restoration work. The area contains both Muslim and Coptic monuments.
Following his tour in Fatimid Cairo, President Hosni Mubarak demanded the revival of route of the Holy Family. The Ministry of Tourism has issued a book titled ’ The Holy Family in Egypt’. The book has been translated into many languages including French, English, German, Spanish, Greek, Russian...
When the month of Ramadan comes, it stirs an energy of faith and a spiritual life in one billion Muslims who are our brothers in humanity.
Most exhibitions on Egyptian art abroad concerned ancient Egypt. In some exhibitions, however, also attention was given to religious art. In France and exhibition on "The Fatimid Treasures in Cairo", and focused a period which saw the coexistence of Coptic and Islamic art. In Austria some items of...
Encroachment on Islamic monuments and their use as administrative buildings are threatening the national heritage.
Fuwah, an old medieval city on the road to Rosetta known for its Islamic monuments, has been almost restored after four years of work.
The historical mosque of Haj Hassan al-Aswani, dating from the year 315 Hijra [Islamic calendar, 10th century AD], is close to collapse. Restoration is behind schedule because there are no finances.
The old Islamic houses in Cairo dating from the 17th and 18th century are restored.


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