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A group calling itself ’An elite of Iraqi thinkers and intellectuals’ criticized the visit of Pope John Paul II to Iraq because the statements made are not in accordance with Islam.
As the world braces to celebrate the third millennium, Egypt is to have a key role in the worldwide festivities as it was the place chosen by the Holy Family to escape the oppression of the Romans. All countries are competing to celebrate the new millennium, including Palestine with its...
The Vatican and Iraq have begun to plan a possible visit by Pope John Paul II to Iraq to celebrate the Millennium, sources at the Vatican embassy in Baghdad said on Sunday.
Dr. Mamdouh Al-Biltagi, Minister of Tourism, announced the registration of the National Egyptian Heritage Revival Association (NEHRA) as an NGO in the Ministry of Social Affairs. The organization aims to revive symbols of the Egyptian national heritage which includes the religious -Islamic and...
The focus of the book is the period before the Islamic conquest of Egypt. Several Muslim scholars praised this work. It is a period of Egypt’s history which would deserve more attention in schoolbooks.
Boosting the tourism industry, Minister of Tourism Akel Biltaji outlined touristic sites in the Kingdom starting from the south of the Kingdom, where Moses first entered, to Petra and the Baptism Site of Jesus at Bethany.
Prime Minister Ehud Barak officially opened new archaeological excavations near Al Haram Al Sharif, a flash point of Arab-Israeli enmity. The site’s political and religious sensitivity exploded in bloodshed three years ago.
Subtitles: - Saladdin’s army included Muslims and Christians - We build our forces and then look for papers & treaties - We hate the Jews the most because they crucified the Christ Jews are the enemies of the Christ. They are not descendants of Abraham, may God’s peace be upon him. The only...
An agreement was signed to construct the Prophet Sheib mosque and tomb in Wadi Shueib in Salt.
"The artifacts and monuments used by Egypt’s Jews are part of our national heritage. They tell the story of the Jewish community in Egypt over the centuries." This is how Mohsen Abdel-Rahman Rabi’, director of the Department of Jewish Antiquities (DJA) at the Supreme Council of Antiquities,...
Pope John Paul will briefly visit St. Catherine’s monastery in the Sinai Peninsula in December as part of a trip he has planned to mark the new millennium, an aide to the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Sinai said on September 2.
The repairing and renewing of the Church of the Virgin in Haret Zuweila, which was founded six centuries before the city of Cairo, will cost more than 28 million [Egyptian] pounds. The Holy Family is said to have passed the location of this church in their journey in Egypt.
A review of the book: "The Marriage Bed. Sexuality in Islam" by Abdelwahab Bouhdiba. Published in London by Saqi Books, 1998. In this book is one of the few attempts at dealing with the dimension of sexuality in the teachings of Islam and the way in which these teachings have become distorted by...
An Egyptian-Japanese team unearthed a mosque in South Sinal which dates back to the ninth century A.D. Archeologists believe that the mosque is the oldest one ever built in the Sinai.
The bookshop of Mohamed Ali Sobeih in Al-Azhar Street was up once again for auction last week. The bookshop, which also includes a printing press, was built in 1900 and is renowned for its collection of 5,000 masterpieces of Arab and Islamic culture.
The Greek Orthodox Bishop of the Sinai, Bishop Damyanous, confirmed that Pope John Paul the second will visit Sinai. He said that the Pope will visit the places where Moses was before. This visit will happen after his visit to Iraq.
Opposition to Pope John Paul’s possible trip to Iraq widened Thursday when Iraqi dissident groups joined the United States and Jewish leaders in expressing concern about the visit.
Pope John Paul II will make a "pilgrimage" in Iraq at the beginning of December and will meet President Saddam Hussein, the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Raphael Bidawid said on August 27. "The dates have not yet been fixed but the visit will take place between December 2 and 5," the Baghdad-based...
Beirut: Iraq’s Catholic Patriarch said yesterday that Pope John Paul might visit Iraq during the first week of December.
Pope Shenouda says some Copts might go to Israel to celebrate the year 2000 but he doesn’t want normalization with Israel until they give up the land they usurped.


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