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From Queen Nefertari to the activist Shaimā' al-Ghattās, Egypt's plastic artist Inās al-Hendi, through her art exhibition entitled “Women From Egypt”, portrays female personalities from different fields.
Amid a heavy presence of prominent public figures, Eng. Fādi Sa`dallah and Dr. Amīr `Abdallah inaugurated the contemporary Coptic art exhibition entitled 'Praise To God In The Highest', on Thursday evening. The exhibition will be displayed from September 22 to 28, 2016 in the Ziād Bakīr Hall, Opera...
The seventh iteration of the International Festival of Cultural Diversity, for which Egypt is the honored guest, began today in Paris’ first arrondissement. The festival showcased a number of speakers who highlighted Egypt’s diverse cultural history as well as the works of several contemporary...
The Picasso Art Gallery in Zamālek, Cairo, will host an exhibition of Egyptian artist `Effat Hosnī under the title “Beautiful Egypt” on January 10. The exhibition will run until January 29 from 10:30am to 9:00pm, except on Sundays.
The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) filed a report to the Minister of Interior Affairs accusing El-Sawy Culture Wheel of hosting "Satanists" in one of their concerts.
The author Yūsuf Zīdān recently revealed that, after having been translated into Anatolian, his controversial book “‘Azāzīl” has become the second best-selling book in Turkey. He also revealed that his new book “al-Nabatī” is currently the best-selling book in Egypt and that the publishing house...
Nader Shukry describes a recent art exhibition based around the theme of national unity. Entitled “I am Egyptian”, the exhibition featured artists’ responses to the threat of division, particularly in light of the recent events in Najc Hammādī. 
Islamic leaders have criticized the Vatican pope’s visit to Jordan and explain their discontentment with him not apologizing for what they called offenses against Muslims and Islam.
The article describes the events of the first Coptic Studies Symposium that was recently held at the University of Toronto.
The author reviews a book by Robert Waldron entitled, ’Thomas Merton. Master of Attention,’ and the related discussions on spirituality.


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