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Nādir Jirjis, a member of the Committee for the Revival of the Holy Family Route, said that he had asked the Minister of Tourism, Yihyā Rāshid to postpone the opening of the first phase of the "Holy Family Route" program scheduled for the end of this month, and to inform the Vatican delegation to...
The poet Sayed Hījāb, who died at the age of 77, left behind an artistic legacy akin to an inexhaustible river, between songs and collections of poetry and other writings that children have not forgotten, so that his memory will remain engraved in our hearts.
Egypt's Minister of Culture, Hilmī Al-Nunem, on Wednesday evening, attended the church's celebration of the Holy Family flight into Egypt in the Church of the Abu Serga and Bachus in Old Cairo.
Today, Wednesday, to commemorate the Holy Family's Flight into Egypt, the Coptic Orthodox Abū Serja and Bachusand Church in Old Cairo's al-Fūstāt, held a ceremonial celebration attended by state officials and various dignitaries.
Thousands of Copts and Muslims have flocked to the Damīāna village in Daqahliyya on Wednesday to celebrate the St. Damīāna feast, which is held on May 12 to 30 every year.
Safwat Seifin Labīb, alias Safwat al-Battātī, is a Coptic poet. Born in Qena in the early 1960s, al-Battātī, brought together Muslims and Copts into one fabric.
Dr. Lo'ay Mahmūd Sa`īd, director of Coptic Studies at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) called on the Coptic Orthodox Church to translate the Holy Bible into Egyptian colloquial Arabic. It is noteworthy that Biblical texts were translated in to Arabic, the Van Dyck being the most known.  
The program of the Aswān Movie Festival has two film competitions; the first is on more than 60-minute long movies, and the second is a short-film competition.
With the aim of enhancing awareness of the history and culture of Egypt, a seminar with the theme “The Churches Of Egypt”, was approved by Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Mustafa Amīn.
Egypt's minister of antiquities, Dr. Khāled al-`Anānī inaugurated the reopening of Al-Zāher Baibārs Mosque after the rehabilitation works who had started in 2007, but were stopped in 2010 when the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) archaeological committee supervising the work realized that the...
Father Rafīq Greish, head of the Information Office of the Egyptian Catholic Church, said that Egypt's religious tourism potential is great, in particular sites connected to the journey of the Holy Family, a project that is still sitting on the shelf.
MP Shūkri al-Guendi, member of the religious committee in the House of Representatives, said that mosques, churches and all places of worship in Egypt have been listed, with the aim of developing and reviving international tourism to Egyptian religious sites.
Affectionately called by his fans “uncle”, `Abd al-Rahmān Al-Abnūdī came from Upper Egypt to Cairo to resume a journey that enriched vernacular poetry through his poems, which reflected the authenticity of the Egyptian citizen and Egyptian reality, especially in Upper Egypt.
Assiūt is characterized by its many tourist and religious attraction, especially ones related to Christianity, because it represents a civilization, culture, and historical legacy of the Copts worldwide.
In his new novel "Flower of Silence" to be published in mid-April, Raʾūf Mūs`ad describes how the Egyptian nationalist AḥmadʿUrābī led his officers and soldiers, who stood up against foreign intervention and against the British colonizers. Furthermore, the novel describes the struggles of the...
Father Felixinōs, a monk of Deir al-Muharraq in Assiūt, confirmed that the old Virgin Mary Church of the Monastery was the place where the Holy Family lived, pointing out that it is the oldest church worldwide.
Egypt's Ministry of [religious] Endowments found a Qūr'ān manuscript that dates back to the 10th century in the Sīdī `Ateya Abu al-Rīsh Mosque in Damanhūr, Beheira Governorate, north of Egypt.
Egyptian Minister of Culture, Helmī Al-Namnam, and Prof. Dr. `Abd al-Wahāb `Ezzat, President of the `Ain Shams University, inaugurated on Sunday, the book fair of the University's theme “Egypt, Land of Faiths”, in the framework of the University's concern to strengthen this highly developed culture...
The latest work of the great Egyptian writer, Bahā Tāhir “Biography in Exile”is published by Al-Bardiya Publishing House, and compiled and presented by Adham `Abūdī. The book is to be presented at the Cairo Book Festival 2017.
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) recently published a book entitled “Copts in Egyptian Society Before and After the Islamic Conquest, Archaeological, Historical, and Applied Studies”.


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