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At the start of the twentieth century two German men with a passion for photography came to Egypt to live and photograph the social environment. The business they set up in downtown still exists today.
The author reviews a new book entitled, ’ The Churches of Egypt. From the Journey of the Holy Family to the Present Day’ which includes Christian sites from all over Egypt.
The author discusses Christian thinkers and their contributions to the history of Coptic art in Egypt. He includes individuals such as Zuzana Skalova and Gawdat Gabra, who produced a book on classical Christian-Egyptian art, and Dr. Isaac Fanous.
John H. Watson highlights an exhibition at the British Library that showcases ancient holy books from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic sources.
The author reviews a publication entitled, ‘Treasures of Coptic Art,’ that was released concurrently with the re-opening of the Coptic Museum in Cairo. She highlights factors of the book.
The article presents an overview of Coptic art that was displayed in the British Museum in an exhibition entitled, “La Bouche du Roi,” from March 22 to May 13.
The author discusses Coptic iconography over time, as well as the significant contributions of a number of renowned Coptic iconographers.
The article outlines the recent documentary ’The Lost Tomb of Jesus’ and some of the activities that have been taking place concerning the promotion of the documentary. It also questions the finding of the scientific expedition to find the actual tomb and interviews a number of people opposed to...
The article is about a research made by Dr. Aishaa, Mahmoud Abdel Aal, Egyptian archeology professor at the Kulayet Al-Banat [faculty of young women] of Ain Shams University on the authenticity of footprints attributed to Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ found in Egyptian churches and mosques. The...
The Jordanian men of antiquities declared that they had discovered a cave dug into rocks, which they believe to be the place where John the Baptist was living two thousands years ago. They also found a human skull, which some of them think is all that remains of the body of John the Baptist.


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