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The participants in a symposium titled ’The Future of the Islamic-Christian Dialogue’, organized by the Religious Brotherhood Group, called for resisting the influx of immorality and atheism coming from the West.
Egypt, having suffered from the scourge of terrorism since 1992, has repeatedly calls for a concerted international effort to fight the worldwide phenomenon.
Iran has disarmed against its number one public enemy Salman Rushdie who was hunted by the Fatwa (Islamic religious decree) declared by the late Ayatollah Khomeni, and issued more than nine years ago.
The recent agreement between Britain and Iran revokes the ’Fatwa’(Islamic Decree) asking for the blood of Salman Rushdie who was denounced as an apostate by the late Ayatollah Khomeni.
A delegation of 500 Christians from the Europe and the US is due to arrive in the Middle East next month to give an official apology to Moslems for the crimes committed by the Crusaders.
Participants of an Islamic Christian Conference claim work needs to be done on the national and international levels in order to support the invitation of President Mubarak to form an international front.
A brief article on the rules of debate and discussion in Islam.
Economy Minister Yousef Boutros Ghali, a Coptic Christian, met last week in Washington with Republican Congressman Frank Wolf, author of the controversial Freedom From Religious Persecution Bill.
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi said in a speech that all those who hold the Egyptian nationality are equal in rights and duties.
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi said that all religions aim at the happiness of man. He also said that in Egypt all Egyptians are equal in rights and duties.


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