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The Endowments Department in Qena has started to investigate the chair of the syndicate of imāms and preachers in the governorate, Shaykh Qurāshī Salāmah
The article talks about the latest developments in Qena where salafists flamed fitnah in the governorate, then returned during the Friday prayers to cause it again. Salafists had refused to stand for a minute of grief for the victims of the incident and Shaykh Qurshī Salāmah, potential amīr,...
Ahmad 'Abd al-Mu'tī Hijāzī, the author of the article, admits that the salafists' crimes in Qena is a rehearsal for the 'big show' as they are getting prepared to seize power.
The general prosecution sent the Copt ,whose ear was cut by some Islamists, to forensics Wednesday 23, 2011 to inspect his injuries. A crime scene team was sent to inspect his apartment, and his car which was set alight. The general prosecution ordered a rapid arrest of those attackers.
A Salafī's crime against a Coptic citizen of Qena caused fear of further application of hadds by salafists. The Coptic man, Ayman Nūr, was subjected to an attack by salafists who cut one of his ears off in what was considered an appropriate punishment for his crime.
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