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This article sheds light on the Western insults directed toward Muslims every now and then. The author suggests that working hard and depending on one’s self is the best reaction toward confronting such insults. He urges Muslims not to be distorted or shaken by these incidents as this is the main...
The key to encouraging people to respect other’s beliefs is education, believes Dr. Amīn Makram ‘Ubayd. According to him, state schools should promote the brotherhood of all citizens, not the followers of one religion above the others.   An ideal state school system should be non religious, but...
Najīb Jibrā’īl has accused the Islamic Research Academy of double standards following the confiscation of his book, ‘Izdirā’ bi Ahad al-Adyān al-Samāwīyah’ [Contempt of a Heavenly Religion].
Missionary activities can often cause heated debates amongst religions around the world. In this report Shaymā’ Abū al-Khayr and Sharīf al-Dawākhilī analyze the situation in Egypt from both the Muslim and Christian sides.
A satirical German magazine has launched a competition entitled ’Who resembles Muhammad?’ which observers have commented could create reverberations for Muslims around the world.
Shoes bearing the name of Allāh on the sole are reduced in price.
The article discusses books which criticize both Islam and Christianity within the context of sectarian sedition in Egypt.
The Bar Association’s Freedoms Committee has called for a conference to discuss press freedom.
Mahmūd Faraj reports on the book, ‘Hal ughtīl al-nabbī Muhammad’ [Was the Prophet Muhammad assassinated].
Robeir al-Faris discusses the paradoxical situation in Egypt regarding books that promote a religious doctrine. He cites two books that have been published recently that contain blatant promotions of Islam at the expense of Christianity and believes that Christians must be granted the same rights.


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