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Kamāl Gabriel refutes the Coptic Orthodox clergymen’s argument that considered the suggestion to have a new translation of the Bible in Arabic as heresy.
Al-Fiqī receives a complaint from students and parents about a book in the British University that offends Islam
The following review of Rose al-Yūsuf article shed the light on the consequences of Bibāwī’s controversial study that has been interpreted by Rose al-Yūsuf as deeming Pope Shenouda Kāfir. The meetings of the Holy Synod resulted in the excommunication of George Ḥabīb Bibāwī from the Coptic Orthodox...
Ragab El -Banna argues that it is the right of Egyptians to be angry about the American threat in Congress to cut aid to Egypt, since it is a new attempt to make Arabs approve the Israeli conditions for peace and surrender to the violent policy of Netanyahu.The author interviewed Pope Shenouda and...
The article calls Jews immoral because they tarnished the Holy Qur’an and mocked the image of the Virgin Mary carrying Jesus the infant. The author calls for an end to such insults.
Undeterred by charges of blasphemy that could land him in jail, singer Marcel Khalifa on Tuesday publicly sang the controversial song that critics claim insults Islam.


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