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With deep shock and disbelief, the world was taken aback by the brutal and gruesome act of terror that claimed the lives of more than 49 Muslim worshipers in New Zealand. Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to their families and loved ones affected by this dreadful tragedy.
Egypt is passing through an ocean of ignorance and a dark stage of its history but Copts are the salt of the earth and life would never be the same if they emigrated outside their homeland to be strangers in another country.
Pope Tawadros has met with Anne Marlborough, EU Commission’s legal,  human rights and gender equality analyst.
I understand that there is sensitivity regarding travel to the Western Desert and when you look at the map, the case against travelling or living there seems obvious: Sīwah [Siwa] oasis is a long way from the Nile Valley and not so far from Libya. On the ground, the situation is very different.
Editor Arab-West Report: German nationals Maher Wilson and Susanne Walter have lived between 1995 and 2014 in Sīwah. Their son Mario was born here in 2000, and Lucien was born here in 2003. This was the ideal place for Maher to work on larger translation projects. Susanne was in these years fully...
The Chinese community in Cairo has been continuously growing over the past years, as Chinese and the Egyptian political and economic relations are becoming steadily more intertwined. Last Friday, September 18, the Egyptian-Chinese Friendship Association and the Egyptian Friendship Organisation...
  Anders Breivik, a 32-year-old Norwegian, has confessed to killing at least 92 people at a youth camp and seven in a bomb attack outside a government building in Oslo, Norway. As Norwegian authorities investigate Breivik's motives, a document and a short video produced by the suspect have...
After a long phase of severed diplomatic relations, Turkey and Armenia have signed a treaty that was hailed by the international community and denounced by expatriate Armenians all over the world.
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