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Events in Minya have escalated recently, and sectarianism has reared its ugly face once again. Bishop Makarius [Makāriyūs], the General Bishop of Minya and Abu Qurqāṣ, remains the champion of the scene, where he alone is held responsible for the aftermath of unrest in the governorate. 
Unknown assailants opened fire on the car Bishop Makarios in Minya while he going to visit the village of Sirū center in Abu Qurqās to give condolences to a Christian family there. On its part, the Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement confirming that Bishop Makarios is unhurt (Ashraf Kamāl, al...
Bishop Makarios of Minya stated that the Church does not recognize the solutions based on customary reconciliation sessions. He added that this is because such solutions are considered an insult to the state of rule of law (Ashraf Kamāl, al-Wafd, Dec. 6, p. 2). Read original text in Arabic.
Father Makarius hails the peaceful Muslim-Christian relations in Abū Qurqās and refers to Copts’ patriotism.
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