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Next Tuesday, the Copts will celebrate the start of the Virgin Mary’s fast that will end with the Assumption Feast on August 22. 
I do not tend to speak of Egyptians in terms of ‘Muslim’ and ‘Christian’. In fact, my question should be “Why should Egyptians support al-Sīsī?” This is what the President and the Coptic Orthodox Pope always confirm: They are all Egyptians.”
Egyptians have Egyptianized the three heavenly religions coming to Egypt! For that reason the practices of Christianity and Islam are similar in Egypt. They all follow Egyptian traditions, before they are associated to a particular religion. For example, the tradition of writing wishes on papers...
Epiphany is the day that Christ was baptized in the river of Jordan by John the Baptist. In Egypt the Coptic Orthodox church celebrates it on the 11th of Tuba, the Coptic month. Many Muslims likewise celebrate it, especially in Upper Egypt and join their Christian brothers in eating sugar cane,...
Julie Casper writes of her experiences with the ancient Egyptian tradition of "Subuu'". (Photo credits go to Julie and Jayson Casper)
“Long live the crescent and the cross” sharing one land, one common history, and one destiny since the beginning and still continue to do so to this day. Egyptians, both Muslim and Christian, celebrate each their New Year on the same day, this Tuesday. One reason is behind both celebrations, that...
The celebration of festivals and manifestations of the rituals of ʿĪd can be traced back to the Pharaonic era. Ways of celebration have varied from era to era throughout Egyptian history up until the present day: -
The authors report the situation of facing the swine flu in Egypt during ‘Umrah and traditional mawlids.
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