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Mahmūd Sa‘d comments on the Azhar's grand Shaykh’s visit to Naja‘ Hammādī, pointing out that such formal visits do not resolve sectarian issues.
The author traces sectarian events which took place in some Egyptian governorates as the most probable inflamed places for future incidents.
The author highlights the subjective method of selecting specific historical events to support one’s point of view.
A reconciliation session is expected to be held between a Muslim family and two Coptic ones involved in revenge incidents. The reconciliation session is expected to be held when Bishop Bimen of Qūs returns from a trip abroad.
The article comments on recent sectarian incidents that have taken place in Minia and links them to the need to pass a unified law for building houses of worship.
A reconciliation was achieved in al-Huwaslīyah in Minia and 40 detained were accordingly released.
al-Hawāslīyah Copts spell out conditions for reconciliation.
The author comments on the Abū Fānā reconciliation process that has been ongoing for over a year.
Christian places of prayer subjected to increasing attacks
The authors report incidents between Muslims and Copts in both Lower and Upper Egypt.


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