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Sectarian clashes broke out in ‘Izbat Bushrá andnews was reported about a forthcoming reconciliation session.
The following lines present updates on the sectarian clashes that took place in an Egyptian village following a young woman’s escape with a Muslim young man.
Members of the reconciliation committee who were killed in al-Matī‘ah village have been buried. Their families refused condolences and asserted their will to avenge the deaths of their relatives.
A reconciliation celebration was held between Muslims and Christians of al-Tayyibah village in Minia.
The author believes that in the Abū Fānā crisis not only has the Minya governor reneged on his promises but that the monks have been forced to withdraw their claims against the Arabs that were being held in custody.
A new sectarian threat in a village in Minia and the mayor asserts that the security apparatus is in full control over the issue.
Pope Shenouda is said to be angry that the reconciliation agreement has not been signed by the parties involved in the Abū Fānā conflict. He will apparently deal with the issue first, when he returns from his medical trip to the U.S
The author analyses the Abu-Fana attack and its effects on Egyptian society.
The author describes various positions on the demonstrations of Expatriate Copts abroad. Foreign countries, the Egyptian government, and the Coptic organization seem to be little affected by these demonstrations.
Yesterday Minia Criminal Court released five people accused in connection with the assault on Abū Fānā monastery.


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