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The reconciliation meeting between Muslims and Christians at Al-Nazlah village in Fayyūm Governorate did not involve any concrete pledges.
A brief summary of Bishop Demetrius and his role in resolving the Abū Fānā Monastery incident.
Pope Shenouda has called on ‘Alā’ Hassānayn to try and solve the Abū Fānā crisis before he returns from the U.S
The article bemoans the fact that at the end of yet another parliamentary session there is still no progress on the unified houses of worship law. A bill was presented to the parliament four years ago and was referred to the housing committee but since then there has been no further developments
The Abu Fana reconciliation agreement was finally signed last month but the article claims that the governor is already going back on the agreement and is trying to obstruct the building of a wall around the monastery.
The recent occurrence of a spate of incidents that seem to target Copts has left many wondering how such incidents should be tackled. This article calls for people to view such incidents as attacks on the Egyptian people as a whole and states that the authorities should arrest the perpetrators...
Comments on sectarian tensions during the time that Copts are celebrating Easter.
Watani interviews Bishop Pimen, bishop of Naqada and Quos. He discusses obtaining permits for houses of worship in Egypt, the difficulties he was presented with in obtaining the license to build his own church, and recent incidents of sectarian strife.
The article argues that the Egyptian government has forgone its responsibility to protect its citizens and prosecute lawbreakers and criminals. It points to the fact that a mere two days after the incidents of sectarian strife in Bimhā, al-‘Ayyāt governorate, Egypt was admitted to the UN Human...
The author comments on the incidents which occurred in Bimhā, al-‘Ayyāṭ governorate. He stresses that it is high time to deal with the criminals in an adequate and just manner, and to cease differentiating between the “Coptic” victim and “Muslim” perpetrator, and instead regard them all as...


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