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His Holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria, received a high-ranking delegation from the Evangelical Church in Germany on Monday at the Papal Residence, presided by Nādiyya al-Karshā Pastor of the Church of the Evangelical German Church in Egypt.
Upon instructions from Pope Tūwadrus II, HG Anba Julius (General Bishop of Old Cairo Churches) paid a pastoral visit to the UAE churches for checking up on the people of the Coptic Orthodox Church, their priests and their servants in the UAE.  
Yesterday, the leaders of the Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical and Episcopal churches met at the Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in al-‘Abbasīa with the legal advisors for discussing the articles of the new Personal Status Law for Egypt’s Christians.   
In a special interview with Ṣada al-Balad, the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Council of Churches (ECC) Father Bùlus Jaras said that his primary job in the ECC is coordination and that it is run by the heads of churches.   
Father Būlus Jaras, Secretary General of the Council of Churches of Egypt and Pastor of the Church of St. Anthony of the Coptic Catholics in al-Fajjālah, stated that the Council of Churches of the Middle East does not work in politics, but it encourages all constructive work in the best interests...
Every year on January 11 or 12, Dayr Abu Hinnis, a small, isolated Christian village 186 miles south of Cairo, commemorates the Holy Family's flight into Egypt. The celebrations at Dayr Abu Hinnis begin in the early morning hours as Coptic pilgrims ferry across the Nile, singing and clapping...
Coptic Catholic Churches are angry after the representatives of the churches have been informed that the term “civil governance” located in the Preamble of the Constitution has been amended to “civil government”. This was displayed in the dinner that was hosted by General Majd al-Dīn Barakāt, the...
Egypt is passing through an ocean of ignorance and a dark stage of its history but Copts are the salt of the earth and life would never be the same if they emigrated outside their homeland to be strangers in another country.
In an interview to al-Misrī al-Yawm newspaper, Bayāḍī stressed that it is not acceptable under any justification to displace Copts from their original areas in Egypt, adding Copts are citizens of this nation and enjoy rights.


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