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Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark, Pope Tawāḍrūs II, is to open today, Wednesday, the largest Coptic Library in the Middle East.
On behalf of the Egyptian Government, the Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs ʿUmar Marwān (Omar Marawan) required the adding of the representative of the Egyptian Church to the permanent committee of technical, legal and administrative experts on the protection of manuscripts.
The following lines represent an interview with Ibrāhīm Sālim al-Tarzī who translated many of the Apocrypha Gospels. al-Tarzī reveals information about the Apocrypha and considers the texts to be an important piece of Coptic literature.
Bishop Marqus denied being removed from his position as the Coptic Church’s official spokesman, and asserted that he has a very good relationship with Pope Shenouda. He also called to amend the election process and the second article of the Constitution.
The author presents Girard’s proposal that the idea of peace achieved by scapegoating in not lasting, nor it is ethical. Girard discusses the Judeo-Christian scriptures [JCS] to prove his hypothesis.
A so-called Coptic Book, a fourth century papyrus codex belonging to the papyrus collection of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, has finally been published, complete with digital images of the papyrus leaves themselves.
Yuhanna Nushī shows some of the mistakes found in ‘Adil Jrijis article about the new version of the Bible published in Rose al-Yūsuf.
Adil Jirjis Sa‘d’s article arouses a lot of anger. Father Rif‘at Sa‘īd responds to some of the claims mentioned in the article.
Dr. Mina Badī‘ shows the wrong information published about the new version of the Bible.
‘Adil Sa‘d discusses some of the mistakes in the new version of the bible produced by the Orthodox church and suggests some of the motivations behind the new book.


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