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Tradition in the Coptic Orthodox Church has it that at present day Matariya, Joseph stuck his staff in the sand and Baby Jesus stretched out His hand and touched the staff, and a well of pure water sprung up there. The Family drank from the water, and Mary used it to wash the baby’s clothes. The...
The author continues his series of articles replying to Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus’s opinions about Islam in a program called Questions about Faith relayed on a Christian satellite channel called al-Hayāt.
Martin Accad argues that there are many misunderstandings about certain realities in the Middle East, the first of which has to do with the use of the term "terrorist." He also discusses apocalyptic forms of Islam and Christianity, and how people can help the situation.
Discrimination against other religious sects and strange fatwas and religious teachings are the main grounds for the Alexandria attacks and other incidents of sectarian sedition. The writer suggests certain actions be taken to diminish this stream of hostility and discrimination that is taking over...
The author continues his series of articles replying to Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus’ opinions about Islam expressed on a program called ‘Questions about Faith’ broadcast on a Christian satellite channel called al-Hayāt.
Wajīh Yousuf Fāna opposes Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār’s viewpoint that there is a reference to Islam in the Bible.
In this article, the author explains that wearing a veil is not only a religious obligation for Muslim women, but is also an obligation for Christians and Jews. He lists different evidence from the Torah, gospels and the Qur’ān to prove his point.
Saad writes about a new Coptic satellite TV program entitled “Aghapy.” He promotes this program and encourages more people to watch it, learn about it, and support it. He considers it one of the greatest resources for spreading information about the Coptic Orthodox Church, including its activities...
In this article Rev. Rif‘at Sa‘īd criticizes the article of Dr. Zaghloul al-Najār published in al-Ahrām on February 20, 2006. According to the author, Dr. al-Najār misinterpreted a Biblical term in order convince his readers of his opinion.
The author argues that Copts’ blood and honor are targeted by the state, as represented by the security authorities and extremists.


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