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The Coptic Orthodox Ecclesiastical Council for Family Affairs has announced that they have started receiving requests concerning marital problems. Applicants can meet members of the Council to discuss issues pertaining to marriage as well as divorce applications. 
Although the Egyptian church allows women access to a number of important positions, such as: nun, devotee, servant, and Guardian of Service and Hymns; there remain other domains that the Church completely prohibits women from accessing. 
In an interview with him, Yūsuf Zaydānspeaks out.
Pope Shenouda III rebuffs a proposition that mass should be recited in Arabic instead of the poorly understood Coptic language.
The author of the article undervalues the role of interfaith dialogue if it isestablished with terrorist groups that do not adhere to man-made laws and deem democracy a misleading heresy.
The author presents Girard’s proposal that the idea of peace achieved by scapegoating in not lasting, nor it is ethical. Girard discusses the Judeo-Christian scriptures [JCS] to prove his hypothesis.
In a series of articles published by al-Ahrām newspaper, Dr. Ahmad al- Tayyib, the president of the Azhar University, analyses Pope Benedict XVI’s speech of September 12, 2006.
The author reviews a book by Metropolitan Bīshouy, the Secretary of the Holy Synod, in which he criticizes the Protestants and their "devastating" effect on Orthodox Christians in Egypt and their attempts in Kafr al-Shaykh to lure Orthodox Christians to join Protestantism.
Apart from the four canonical gospels acknowledged by the church, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, there are about 15 apocryphal gospels, including the controversial Gospel of Judas, which are taught in theological colleges and institutes, but are not widely-known among the general public.


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