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The author comments on a book entitled ‘Ta’thīr al-Aqbāt cAlá al-Hadārah’ [The Effect of Copts on Civilization] by Dr. Amīn Makram ‘Ubayd.
In an interview with him, Yūsuf Zaydānspeaks out.
A former assistant in the church service of the Coptic Orthodox Church considers the Orthodox rites to be idolatry.
Rev. Nasr Allah Zakariā, editor-in-chief of al- Hudá Evangelical Magazine, comments on the book Kunt Urthūdhuksyyan wa al-Ān Ubsir; Bahth Kitābī Tārīkhī Taqsī ‘an ‘Ibādat al-Asnām fī al- Kanīsah al-Urthudhuksīyah’ [I was Orthodox but now I see; a Biblical historical and Ritual Research on Idolatry...
Christine Chaillotis the author of a number of books on Oriental Orthodox Churches. Her first visit to Egypt was in 1981 and since then she has visited the region countless times and feels that the Orthodox Church has become her spiritual home.
Mary Ramsīs reviews Samīr Zākhir’s book about different kinds of fasting in Orthodox Christianity.
The article sheds light on a study conducted by researcher Robier al-Farīs on the way folklore brings religions together. Al-Farīs also concluded that Coptic folklore suffers from the ignorance of researchers and the oppression of the church’s official culture as public creativity remains exquisite...
The article reviews ’A History of Eastern Christianity’.
The article is a review of the newly published book, ’The history of the early Coptic community in the U.S.A.’
The Coptic Orthodox Church has objected to the publication of a novel that it says contradicts Christian doctrine.


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