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An article noting the remarks made by Mustafá al-Fiqī to the Middle East Churches conference on sectarian strife and education.
This article is a tribute to the life of Adly Abadir, a prominent Copt in Egypt, who died in 2010. Adly Abadir was born in 1920 to a prominent family in Upper Egypt. He studied in Cairo and became a successful businessman both in Egypt and abroad. He was also one of the founding members of Watani....
This article advocates dialogue among religions and denounces bigotry and violence in society. It also encourages youth to express themselves freely and think without any restrictions or fear.
Dr. Abū al-Najā says that she was able to identify the main point of disagreement over the offensive drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, during her visit to Denmark. At the Egyptian-Danish dialogue, she heard two views: apologies for humiliating any religion and a protection of freedom of expression.
Coptic Councilor Najīb Jibrā’īl is intending to hold a conference to discuss the controversial Coptic issues in Egypt. Prominent Egyptian personalities and a number of Coptic expatriates were invited.
‘Ulā ‘Ādil reports on the exchange of accusations between Catholic Franciscan nuns and other Catholic nuns who belong to the Jerusalemite Wardīyah order over the administration of a school in Heliopolis in Cairo.
Pope Shenouda will not assign Bishop Bimen to assume control of the Luxor Bishopric and the security advised lawyer Mamdūḥ Nakhlah not to organize a demonstration.
While the Coptic Orthodox Church warns of the danger of the Adventists, who are considered to be heretics, the head of the “group” appears to ignore the opinion of the leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
al-Dustūr newspaper interviews Michael Munīr, head of the US Copts Association.
The Middle East Council of Churches organized an Arab Islamic-Christian dialogue conference in Cairo. Another Islamic-Christian dialogue conference was held in Bahrain. The Egyptian Evangelical Organization for Social Services invited Muslim and Christian scholars to a seminar discussing ?Violence...


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