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 'Alā' 'Uraybī presents the point of view of Dr. Hilmī, University Professor in Tanta, when he defended Islamizing the university and running it by Islamists as the majority of students are Muslims.
This article details the Egyptian-German Young Leader’s Forum (EGYLF), affiliated to the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), that has placed its faith in the relevance of interaction and dialogue among people of the world.
In an interview with CoptsUnited.com, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei said that Copts have been ill-treated for decades and that society must come to terms with the issue and work to improve the situation. He warned against tyranny of the majority and said that the only way minorities can be safe is through...
The author talks about the real reason behind the decision taken by Pope Shenouda to leave the Churches Council, underlining it has nothing to do with the decision to ban Copts from visiting Israel.
The Coptic Orthodox Pope Withdraws His Church’s Membership from the Middle East Council of Churches Amid Controversy Within the Organization.   
The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church holds a session in which it approves the Coptic Orthodox withdrawal from the Eastern Council of Churches, and decides not to avow Christian channels that are not controlled by the Holy Synod.
Al-Wafd reports on the Coptic Orthodox Church’s alleged withdrawal from the Middle East Council of Churches. The Coptic Orthodox Church has yet to officially announce this decision.
This article outlines the inception of an international Coptic Parliament, which is currently lobbying for support and international recognition. This will allow Copts to have a voice on the international level of politics and society.
Pope Shenouda’s personal secretary, Bishop Butrus, represents the Coptic Orthodox Church at the conference of the Middle East Council of Churches instead of Bishop Bīshūy.
The Copts United Website honors al-Wafd for its efforts regarding Coptic issues.


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