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Several Christian laymen are protesting the prerequisites for running and voting in the elections of the Majlis al-Mīllī, the Coptic Orthodox Denominational Council and have submitted a lawsuit to the Administrative Judiciary Court to reconsider the legal and constitutional aspects of the elections...
Though the Coptic Orthodox Church has initiated preparations for the elections of al-Majlis al-Mīlī, some Copts are still calling for amending the council’s law.
Mutāwi‘ Barakāt writes about Egyptian Coptic intellectuals rejection of the idea of increasing the attention that the UN and US have placed on the plight of the Copts in Egypt.
The author of this article quotes several people, the conglomoration of which reveals that the secular-based Coptic council, al-Majlis al-Mīllī, is very important and provides much assistance to the Copts and the Church, but that it also currently has many weaknesses which must be sorted through.
Verbal skirmishes took place between the Copts and Dr. Jamāl Nassār, the media advisor of the Muslim Brotherhood murshid [guide], after Nassār objected to canceling the religious identity from official papers.
Commenting on reported attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood to appease Egypt’s Copts, Coptic thinker Samīr Marqus has described the "banned” group’s dialogue with Copts as useless and of no practical value.
The author accuses the paper of dealing with The Da Vinci Code in a superficial and non-scientific way. In a bid to dodge accusations that it attacked the beliefs of the Copts, the paper stated that it spoke about the western Catholic Church and the Vatican.
Will writings about Coptic Orthodox Church ever break out of the mold and will dialogues tackling its affairs ever be directed to serve its best interest and steered away from the fights for the Papal Chair?
Dr. Yāsir Yousuf Gabriel has commented on an article by Kamāl Gabriel criticizing the Church’s deteriorating performance. The author, Kamāl Zākhir Mousa, explains the differences between the handling of criticism in both the article and the comment.
Al-Ahram columnist Anis Mansour wrote that Jesus Christ had a half-brother called James. He claimed this piece of information came from the Bible. The reaction of Muslims and Copts to what he wrote was very angry. A Coptic thinker commented on it and explained the Biblical verses speaking about...


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