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A number of Coptic intellectuals have organized a conference entitled: Laymen’s vision of the Problems of the Church. They discussed several problems of the Church, including the regulations of election the patriarch and trials of priests.
Coptic Orthodox Church member and businessman Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá speaks out about internal problems in the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church.
An invitation for a conference about church reform entitled, ‘A Layman Vision on Church Problems.’
The author, in this series of articles, criticizes Bishop Bīshūy, the secretary of the Holy Synod, and refutes the top clergyman’s claims about him, demanding that a trial for himself and Bīshūy be conducted instead of leaving "this authoritarian way of thinking" to consolidate its position...
Bishop Bīshūy aims to excommunicate Coptic intellectual Kamāl Zākhir, accusing him of being against the church. Bishop Bīshūy calls on Copts to boycott the expected conference about the laymen’s view of the church’s problems.
The author of the article criticizes a proposed conference on reform, accusing it of deviating from its original purpose of proposing practical solutions for church reform to settling old scores with the so-called "promoters of wrong ideas" within the church.
The author asserts that Bishop Bīshūy has been working effectively to try and remove Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá, writer and thinker, from the Coptic Orthodox church.
This article analyzes an article that was published in the Karāza Magazine and asserts that people must be tried before being charged.
The dioceses of the Coptic Orthodox Church have experienced an unprecedented state of rebellion. Many statements have been issued from different groups on the moral and financial improprieties committed by some bishops, who are supposed to be the spiritual symbols of the church.
The author castigates Bishop Bīshūy for adopting dictatorial practises and neglecting the role of laymen in the church.


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