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This article talks about the annual Faith Deepening Conference which will be held soon, and the current disputes between the church, secularists, and the Ecclesiastical Reform Group.
The Coptic Catholic Patriarch’s deputy, Bishop Yūhannā Qultah, has called for deleting words like: ‘Israel’ and ‘Jerusalem’ from all Coptic services. He says such words support thoughts of Christian Zionism, which is strongly rejected by Christian teachings.
The author responds to comments received about his earlier writings in this series and ponders the necessity of truthfulness, using an old, unpublished letter of current Pope Shenouda.
In this article the author talks about the Pope Shenouda’s medical problems and his disagreement with Father Ibrahīm ‘Abd al-Sayd.
This report summarizes some of the opinions of Egyptian intellectuals about the issue of deleting religious identity from on identity cards.
The author discusses the two day conference organized by Coptic author Kamāl Zākhir Mūsa about reform that is needed in the Coptic Orthodox Church. The Coptic Orthodox Church has been trying to prevent this conference from taking place but it will start on the same day that Pope Shenouda celebrates...
Muhammad al-Bāz comments on a recent article by Bishop Bīshouy in Nidā’ al-Watan [Reviewer: The call of home], a locally circulated newspaper published from Alexandria, in which the bishop harshly criticized Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá, Dr. George Habīb Bibāwī and Rev. Ikrām Lam‘ī for writing articles for al...
The article discusses the issue of church funds and the sources from which they are obtained, amidst calls to transparently declare the budget on the grounds that church money is in the first place owned by Coptic citizens.
Ākhir Sā‘ah opens the controversial file of religious schools in Egypt. In an earlier issue, several articles tackled schools of the Muslim Brotherhood, like the Muslim Generation School in Marsa Matrūh. This article, however, sheds light on Coptic Sunday schools.
This article explains that the patriarchal chair should only be filled by a qualified person who is elected according to the laws of the church.


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