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Al-Dustūr publishes “The Seven Pillars of the Egyptian Identity”, a book written by Dr. Mīlād Ḥannā that forms the focus of the World Youth Forum of 2018. It seeks to confirm the cohesion of the Egyptian societal fabric in spite of its diversity. The reason behind the selection of the book for the...
  The birth of Dr. Mīlād Ḥannā in Shubrā neighbourhood has had a great impact on him, like all of the sons of the ancient Egyptian neighbourhood, Christians and Muslims [alike].
Some intellectuals comment on Christians’ political activities.
There has been peaceful coexistence between religions in Egypt for a long time.
The author writes about an iftār banquet hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood group in which the invited number of public dignitaries could reach 1700.
This press review summarizes responses from a wide variety of persons, including Coptic leaders, clergy, and congregants to the controversial Max Michel, also known as Archbishop Maximus I.
Muslims and Christians in Alexandria called for calm after two days of clashes.
The author wonders who is ruling Egypt and Dr. Mīlād Hana states that neither Jamāl Nazīf, or the Muslim Brotherhood is capable of ruling Egypt.
The article summarizes the opinions of a number of experts concerning the way of fighting extremism and other destructive thoughts in society.
Pamphlets printed in Saudi Arabia appeared hours before the Shamm al- Nasīm feast in Egypt calling for preserving the Islamic identity and prohibiting Muslims from celebrating others’ feasts.


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