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Dr. Rafīq Habīb, an advisor to the president and deputy leader of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood group, accused the secular elite of beleaguering the president and his party.
“The Coptic Church prefers not to enter into politics just work in the social field. All meetings between the Muslim Brotherhood group and Copts are just random and disorganized" says Dr. Rafīq Ḥabīb, a Coptic thinker. On the other hand Ṣubḥī Ṣalīh, a leader in the MB, asserts that no Copt or a...
The phone call made by Muslim Brotherhood murshid (guide) Muhammad Badī' to Coptic Pope Shenouda III after the latter's return from a treatment trip in the United States and the pope's phone call back to Badī' brought about an air of optimism for the relations between the two sides.
Coptic thinker Dr. Rafik Habeeb says the reason the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar isn't as influential with Muslims as Pope Shenouda III is with Copts is that unlike the Al-Azhar, the Church is financially and administratively independent of state. The Church's strength also draws from the fact that it...
The article discusses the relationship between Jamāl Mubārak and the Coptic Orthodox Church.  
A new stage inside the Orthodox Church in which Copts have started to disobey Pope Shenouda and organize demonstrations to express their demands.
The author introduces his vision which he believes will help to establish political security within the country, by allowing the fair and legal participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the political spectrum
Rafīq Habīb criticizes media claims that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian government have made any kind of deals, and elaborates as to why it would be incredibly difficult for the two entities to come to any kind of agreement.
Students from various levels of education express their thoughts and impression about their colleagues who have a different religion.
The conference about the reform in the Coptic Orthodox Church is still arousing noise. This review presents the comments of Bishop Murqus, the official spokesman of Pope Shenouda III, and other different echoes and comments on the conference.


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