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Bishop Bīshūy’s position in the Coptic Orthodox Church is causing controversy in Coptic circles as he not only holds several offices, but is also Pope Shenouda’s sole envoy to all international forums.
The article is based on a file that was issued by Rose al-Yūsuf magazine on the role held by religious men in both Christianity and Islam in society, and their disputes with each other.
The author questions why the pope feels that educated Christians should not talk about church affairs unless they obtain his permission, and wonders whether they should all be servants to the church to ensure that they are qualified enough to talk to the media.
The article discusses various aspects of Coptic emigrants.
The author comments on the recent events in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
‘Ādil Jindī sheds light on Egyptian statesmen’s ‘perplexing’ statements concerning the second article of the Egyptian Constitution, which designates the principles of the Islamic Sharī‘ah as the main source of legislation. The author discusses the impact of this article on the political situation...
Dr. Samīr Marqus discusses the concept of cultural citizenship and its relation with the current ruckus in the Egyptian political arena about reforming certain articles in the Egyptian constitution.
The article presents a brief overview of the most important events that have happened in Egyptian churches during 2006.
Kamāl Zākhir M?s? writes on the trend that has been increasing inside the Coptic Orthodox Church. It is heading toward a clash with enlightened laymen, instead of seeking ways of working together constructively.
‘Ālam al -Mashāhīr, a new Coptic weekly, for which Pope Shenouda will be writing and recommended by Bishop Bīsh?y is said to be a new rival for Watanī.


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