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The article discusses Yūsuf Sidhum’s recent speech at Claremont Graduate University in California, and highlights Sidhum’s expectations for the reform that is anticipated in Egypt, and the problems that are yet to overcome.
Coptic, like Muslim fundamentalism, is not in the interest of Egypt. Usāmah Salāmah from Rose al-Yūsuf discusses different arguments of Coptic figures and responds to them in the following article.
The article highlights the announcement of Coptic thinker Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá regarding the establishment of the ‘Copts without borders’ organization and the reactions to that announcement.
Mubāshir denounces the Azhar Takfīr thesis against Rose al-Yūsuf. The present trend of Takfīr poses a threat to Egypt, government and society and paves the way for terrorism. Highlighting the dangerous consequences of the recurrent Takfīr, Mubāshir calls on the Azhar principals to save the moderate...
AWR’s last interview with the late Dr. Isaac Fānūs. Comments on self-censorship, such as that of Dr. Otto Meinardus’ differences in writing and saying, which makes it hard for students of the church in Egypt to get a good understanding of the church’s position. Father Basilius of the Monastery of...
Coptic laymen to hold a second conference on church reform.
Bishop Mūsá meets the organizers of the conference on ‘Laymen’s View on Church Problems.’
The problems of Copts revealed in the reform conference were not mainly related to the Coptic Orthodox Church; many of the church problems can be attributed to the political and social problems resulted from the duality between the stance of the law and the practices literally applied.
An unresolved crisis now appears to be affecting relations between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the independent Christian newspaper Watanī.
Youssef Sidhum commemorates 48 years of Watanī International, and pledges to maintain their high journalistic standards, integrity and objectiveness.


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