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Dr. William Suleiman Qilada was really one of the most respected examples of the strong Coptic-Orthodox lay-person who has the courage to voice his convictions and opinions. He was totally dedicated to his Egyptian citizenship. It is not by chance that his last book was on "the principle of...
Egypt has lost one of its greatest patriotic intellects, Dr. William Suleiman Qilada who has enriched civil law and political thinking by several valuable studies. Dr. Qilada published several books in the area of national unity, citizenship, accepting the "other" and civil law. His latest book...
Dr. William Suleiman Qilada who recently died was a venerable judge. He was a Copt who devoted his life to strengthen national unity between Copts and Muslims in Egypt. He repeatedly wrote about citizenship and areas related to assessment, choice and criteria of citizenship.
"The patriotic unity" is the root of the general Egyptian formation. This the aim idea of the new book that was published by Dr. William Qilada entitled "The principle of nationality."
The column of the prominent Wafd-member Zaklamah mentioned this time the great achievements in the early days of the Wafd party in the 1920s when Egyptians were united in their struggle against the British Occupation.
Zaklama comments on the incident of Al-Koshh which had become a major internal issue, distorted in the media.
The media frenzy caused by the events of Al-Koshh and the exaggerated reactions is a matter which invites us to wonder. Why were all these attempts made to assure a fact!! The Copts enjoy full citizenship and do not face any sort of persecution. Such horror over this issue does not deny there is a...
Egypt’s famous architect-writer Milad Hana will go to Paris to receive the prestigious Simon Bolivar award granted to him by the UNESCO in appreciation of his efforts in enhancing ties between Muslims and Copts in Egypt.


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