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Coptic thinker Dr. Rafik Habeeb says the reason the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar isn't as influential with Muslims as Pope Shenouda III is with Copts is that unlike the Al-Azhar, the Church is financially and administratively independent of state. The Church's strength also draws from the fact that it...
As‘ad comments on the political role of Pope Shenouda and the Church, and how this relationship affects principles of citizenship.
This article is a review of the life and work of Watani’s founder, Antoun Sidhom.
The article discusses the relationship between Jamāl Mubārak and the Coptic Orthodox Church.  
The following article presents comments on a report published by the Inter Press Service regarding Coptic support of Jamāl Mubārak.
Mamdūh Ramzī, the Coptic lawyerwho has decided to nominate himself as a candidate in the future presidential elections, discusses the laymen conference that will be held shortly.
Jamāl As‘ad comments on Pope Shenouda’s opinion concerning the inheritance of power in Egypt.
A new stage inside the Orthodox Church in which Copts have started to disobey Pope Shenouda and organize demonstrations to express their demands.
Jamāl As‘ad was questioned by the police following a claim that was filed against him by 12 expatriate Coptic activist leaders.
The author introduces his vision which he believes will help to establish political security within the country, by allowing the fair and legal participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the political spectrum


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