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The article reviews some opinions from Coptic figures about the protests Copts organized in the church after Naja‘ Hammādī incident.
The following article presents comments on a report published by the Inter Press Service regarding Coptic support of Jamāl Mubārak.
This article reviews some Coptic thinkers’ answers to this question: Why does the government respond to the demands of expatriate Copts and ignore Copts inside Egypt?
Mamdūh Ramzī, the Coptic lawyerwho has decided to nominate himself as a candidate in the future presidential elections, discusses the laymen conference that will be held shortly.
Jamāl As‘ad comments on Pope Shenouda’s opinion concerning the inheritance of power in Egypt.
The article highlights the consequences of the difficulties surrounding divorce and re-marriage in church procedures and the delay in issuing the new personal status law for non-Muslims.
Dr. Fathī Surūr has been the target of harsh attacks by many Coptic figures due to his statement that Copts are far removed from political life by their own will because they prefer business
A new stage inside the Orthodox Church in which Copts have started to disobey Pope Shenouda and organize demonstrations to express their demands.
The author highlights the declarations made by Bishop Bīshūy, secretary of the Holy Synod, concerning the defrocking of Father Zakaria Butrus.
Jamāl As‘ad was questioned by the police following a claim that was filed against him by 12 expatriate Coptic activist leaders.


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