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Since the Second World War churches have made tremendous efforts to strive towards more unity. At the same time, we see national and church politics often getting in the way. In this example about church division from Egypt, it is not about dogmatic differences but about the long-term effects of (...
Members of the Episcopal Church of Egypt were called to come to the All Saints Cathedral for an extra-ordinary church meeting that was carefully designed to result in a call for a letter to President Abdelfattah al-Sisi [ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī] to recognize the Anglican Diocese of Egypt as an...
This text was presented to all members of the extraordinary church council meeting or synod of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt on October 24, 2020. The bishop provides some historical background to the Protestant Churches in Egypt Council, explains the Anglican legal structure and argues why the...
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The Evangelical Laymen’s Council has decided to hold the election for the post of chairman of the Evangelical denomination on March 7 rather than March 23, and to nominate Safwat al-Biyādī and rev. Makram Najīb for the post.
Dayanā al-Dhab‘ reports about the Evangelical Church elections.
Strong criticism has been directed at the Protestant Majlis al-Millī head Dr Safwat al-Bayādī before elections to the council.
The article is a statement by the Head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt. In this statement, he stresses that the Evangelical Church with all its churches prays to God for peace, achieving justice, removal of suffering and for giving wisdom to all leaders and officials all over the world.
Dr. Rev. Safwat al-Bayyādī, head of the Protestant Majlis al-Mīllī in Egypt, sent a message to the leaders of Evangelical churches arguing that they should play a more effective political role by encouraging their congregations to vote.
New names of nominees surface as the elections of the Majlis al-Mīllī are to start soon.


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