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Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
The Evangelical Laymen’s Council has decided to hold the election for the post of chairman of the Evangelical denomination on March 7 rather than March 23, and to nominate Safwat al-Biyādī and rev. Makram Najīb for the post.
Dayanā al-Dhab‘ reports about the Evangelical Church elections.
Strong criticism has been directed at the Protestant Majlis al-Millī head Dr Safwat al-Bayādī before elections to the council.
The article is a statement by the Head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt. In this statement, he stresses that the Evangelical Church with all its churches prays to God for peace, achieving justice, removal of suffering and for giving wisdom to all leaders and officials all over the world.
Dr. Rev. Safwat al-Bayyādī, head of the Protestant Majlis al-Mīllī in Egypt, sent a message to the leaders of Evangelical churches arguing that they should play a more effective political role by encouraging their congregations to vote.
New names of nominees surface as the elections of the Majlis al-Mīllī are to start soon.
The author argues that the role of secularists in the Coptic Church is crucial, since they aim at a civil society that neither denies God, nor exploits religions to fulfill worldly goals, and that they act as neutral brokers for the state-church relationship.
The author of this article quotes several people, the conglomoration of which reveals that the secular-based Coptic council, al-Majlis al-Mīllī, is very important and provides much assistance to the Copts and the Church, but that it also currently has many weaknesses which must be sorted through.
The author notes the opinions of some of the pope’s favored candidates for al-Majlis al-Mīllī. Their comments pertain to the status, purpose and future of the secular-based Coptic council.


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