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Extremists have ordered that no strangers from outside the village enter the Virgin church in ‘Aqalīat, Aswan in order to celebrate the feast of Virgin Mary.
An entire year has passed after violent events took place in Dalgah after the dispersal of Rāb’ah al- ‘Adawiyah and Nahdah sit ins.
Coptic Catholic bishop Botros Fahīm assured that the Church does not intervene in political matters and will not support a presidential candidate
Chaldean Catholic Cardinal Louis Sako of Baghdad, Iraq, has invited the Eastern Catholic Patriarchs to participate in the 26th synod to be held from November 26 to 30, 2018, in the Cardinal headquarters at al-Manṣūr city of Iraq. The theme of the session will be dubbed: “Youth: a sign of hope in...
His Beatitude Ibrāhīm Isḥāq Sidrāk, the Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria, Egypt, visited the Franciscan friars in North York, Toronto, Canada. Father Fādī As’ad, parish priest of the Holy Family Church in Toronto, accompanied the Patriarch during his pastoral visit which he resumed Monday,...
The Coptic Catholic Church’s Holy Synod concluded its periodic meeting in the Diocese of Luxor, on Sunday, with the attendance of Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrāhīm Isḥāq, members of the Coptic Catholic Holy Synod, priests, monks and nuns serving the Upper-Egyptian diocese. 
Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrāhīm Ishāq received on Saturday a delegation of the council of bishops of Eastern Apostolic Churches of Australia and New Zealand in the headquarters of the Catholic patriarchate. 
“This design is preliminary and not final,” said Rev. Būlus Ḥalīm, official spokesperson for the Coptic Orthodox Church, commenting on a picture of the cathedral in the new administrative capital, which was released by al-Yawm al-Sābiʿ and signed by Pope Tawāḍrūs II. 
Since his enthronement as the Vatican’s pope, Pope Francis I has spread love and peace and revived the relationship with Al-Azhar through meetings and dialogues. After a break of 5 years due to the statements delivered by Pope Benedict XVI and his attack on Islam in the Middle East, Pope Francis...
Father Rafīq Jrīsh, spokesman for the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt, declared that the Catholic Church is to announce at a press conference coming Thursday the details of Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt on April 28 and 29.


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