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A Catholic woman has complained of the failure of her married life with her husband who told her that he did not love her and could not live with her. She said she seeks a divorce which is not possible in Catholicism.
The author in this article wonders whether the idea of the Catholic patriarch’s resignation could be applicable in the situation of the Egyptian Orthodox church.
Apart from the four canonical gospels acknowledged by the church, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, there are about 15 apocryphal gospels, including the controversial Gospel of Judas, which are taught in theological colleges and institutes, but are not widely-known among the general public.
The author covers the recent inauguration of Archbishop Antonious Najīb as the new patriarch of Catholics, succeeding Archbishop Istifānous, who left his post due to his deteriorating health.
With the attendance of a large number of Egyptian religious and political figures, Bishop Antonius Najīb, 71, was ordained yesterday as the new patriarch of Coptic Catholics in Egypt at the Virgin Mary Cathedral in Nasr City, Cairo.
Patriarch Stefanos’s resignation and the election of a new patriarch reflect the democratic climate the Catholic Church in Egypt is enjoying, contrary to other churches in Egypt.
With the blessings of Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Antonius Najīb has been ordained as patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt, succeeding Cardinal Stephanos II Ghattās who resigned for health reasons.
Bishop Yohanna Qulta commented on the anxiety and the fear our world is living in today, on the many questions about the future and on the relationships between peoples and religions. He stressed that religions can play a great role in reformulating the now chaotic moral values of the world.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
Christian denominations in Egypt sent a letter to President Mubarak expressing their support for the efforts he exerts for the sake of peace in the Middle East region.


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