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Chaldean Catholic Cardinal Louis Sako of Baghdad, Iraq, has invited the Eastern Catholic Patriarchs to participate in the 26th synod to be held from November 26 to 30, 2018, in the Cardinal headquarters at al-Manṣūr city of Iraq. The theme of the session will be dubbed: “Youth: a sign of hope in...
Watani International interviews Pope Gregorious III Lahham during his recent trip to Egypt. The pope discusses his view of Muslim-Christian relations in the Middle East, Christian isolation, and his opinion of problems facing Christians throughout the Arab world.
A symposium was held in the residence of the Greek Catholic Patriarchy to discuss the role of Arab Christians in correcting the image of Islam in the West and the stand of the Vatican towards the expected war against Iraq among other issues.
The Greek, Syrian and Latin Catholic churches witnessed three important nominations. The Latin Catholic Church in Egypt is still waiting for a successor of Archbishop Egidio Sampieri who died three months ago.
Archbishop Loutfi Laham has been elected by the Melkite synod as the new Patriarch of the Melkite Catholic Church. His recognition by Pope John Paul II is expected soon.
In his recent seminar about the "situation in Jerusalem", Bishop Lotfi Laham, the deputy Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem", explained the details of the Jewish practices in order to pressure Arabs [Christians and Moslems] to leave the city.
Archbishop Lotfy Liham, the general deputy patriarch for the Greek Catholics in Jerusalem confirmed that Muslims and Christians are suffering a lot in the Holy city. The blockade that is imposed upon the city makes the city isolated from the rest of the country. It is bad enough that Palestinians...
Maximus Hakim is Patriarch of the Greek Catholic Church in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries. Patriarch Hakim was born in Egypt and then went to Palestine where he stayed until the 1967 war. He says he does not think the Israelis would be committed to...
Christians in Syria make up approximately 12% of the population. The article gives an overview of their presence.
The author bases his article on a research carried out by Dr. Sabela of the University of Bethlehem about the ongoing decline of the Christian presence among Palestinians. Dr. Sabela found large numbers still want to emigrate.
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